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Central Jersey Bicycle Club, Inc.
Established 1968 Over 40 Years and still Rolling Along

Farmlands Volunteer

Monday, Feb 27, 2017
7:00 PM until 8:30 PM

What's The Scoop 
410 Main Street
Metuchen, NJ  08840

  New Documents Uploaded
   - NJ Bicycle Atlas
   - NJ Bicycling Manual

  Find them in Documents in the
  Miscellany folder.

33rd Annual Farmlands Flat Tour

7:00 AM Brookdale Community College
765 Newman Springs Rd
Lincroft, NJ 07738

Pre-registration includes an event T-Shirt & Water Bottle

The Following are the fees for online registration:

1) thru Midnight March 16th $35.00, children under 18,  $10.00

2) March 17th thru Midnight April 21st $40.00, children under 18,  $10.00
3) May 6th (day of Tour) $45.00, children under 18, $10.00

 CJBC rides throughout New Jersey;
From High Point to Cape May, from Lambertville to the Atlantic Highlands.

                                    Welcome to one of the oldest, largest, and most active, bicycle clubs in the country!

                                   Originally founded as the Metuchen Bicycle Touring Society in 1968, we officially changed
                              our name to Central Jersey Bicycle Club in 1979, and incorporated in 1993.
                    Club rides are scheduled throughout the year. From 10-mile
                                      jaunts taken at a leisurely pace, to metric century rides (62.2 miles) that cross multiple NJ counties,
              CJBC has rides for bicyclists of all abilities.

Benefits of Membership:

   Monthly club newsletter, The HUB  Longest Day Ride (summer) - Ride the length of NJ

  6 club meetings a year, with featured speakers  Anniversary Ride (autumn) - lunch included

    Member Appreciation Ride (spring) - lunch included      Farmlands Flat Tour (1st Saturday in May) 

   Shortest Day Ride (winter) - holiday party follows  Ride with GPS premium Club Account



Under each listing is the Ride Classification, Terrain Difficulty, Distance in Miles, Starting Time, Location of Start, and Ride Leaders(s) with phone number(s). Our rule is that you Must call the leader of the ride you plan to attend; this will let you ask questions about the ride and will let the Leader notify you if he/she has any special instructions on conditions or stops.

Helmets must be worn on all rides

Family membership consists of one or two adults in the same household and minor children if any. All adult applicants must sign the release. Individuals under 18 must join as part of a Family Membership and a parent/guardian must sign the release for them. Riders under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult on a club ride.

General Meetings – alternate months with guest presenters
Awards Meeting – awards distributed to leaders and riders including Spirit of Cycling
Volunteers Dinner – thank our volunteers for their special efforts

Ride Classifications

The following ride classifications and terrain ratings are used in the club newsletter, The HUB, to provide potential ride attendees with an idea of what to expect on a particular ride.

An example ride listing:

B+, 2/3, 35 10:00 AM
Starting at Lyons Mall in Basking Ridge.
Please call to confirm ride.
Peture Goat, 908-555-1212

  • B+ indicates a steady 14-15 mph pace
    • Note the speed may vary during ride, depending on terrain.
  • 2/3 means over rolling to large hills
  • 35 indicates that the ride will cover approximately 35 miles
  • The ride starts at 10:00 AM, sharp
  • The ride leader has requested that riders call to confirm they are joining the ride
  • The ride leader's name and contact phone number are provided
    • Note on leaderless rides: Any Leaderless Rides listed in The HUB are different from the other rides in that either has no predetermined leader. If you attend, you may or may not find someone assuming the leadership role.

Pace Ratings

  • Speed indicates average upon completion of ride.
  • Speed may vary during ride, depending on terrain.


For Average speed
while moving
AX strong, experienced cyclists in top physical condition 18 mph or more
A+ strong, experienced cyclist 17-18 mph
A strong, experienced cyclist 16-17 mph
A - strong, experienced cyclist 15-16 mph
B+ good, competent cyclists 14-15 mph
B good, competent cyclists 13-14 mph
B - good, competent cyclists 12-13 mph
C+ average cyclists 11-12 mph
C average cyclists 10-11 mph
C - average cyclists 9-10 mph
EZ average cyclists 9 mph or less
ATB All-Terrain and Hybrids ...will vary with terrain
and riders' experience.
MTB All-Terrain Bikes only ...will vary

Terrain Ratings

  1. Hill Mania (multiple long and/or steep climbs)
  2. Large Hills (such as Hillcrest Road in Warren or Johnston Drive in Watchung)
  3. Rolling Hills (such as Valley Road in Warren Township)
  4. Flat (except for the occasional overpass)

ATB Ratings

  1. 1 Log: Novice. Basically flat. Typically tow paths and fire roads.
  2. 2 Logs: Intermediate. Rolling. Rough paths and fire roads.
  3. 3 Logs: Advanced. Numerous steep hills, some technical.

MTB Ratings

  1. 1 Log: Novice. Basically flat to smooth.
  2. 2 Logs: Intermediate. Rolling rugged.
  3. 3 Logs: Advanced. Hilly, technical.

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